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Thoughts on Fairy Tail

Okay first of all, i love Fairy tail. It’s an enjoyable anime and i had a really great time with it. this show focus on family, friends ‘nakama’, this show taught me that you don’t need power or riches to complete your life. Mashima did a great job at balancing between comedy and touching moments, even tough sometimes the comedy is a little bit to much.

And the touching moments was sad. REALLY sad. I cried at gray’s past, i cried at lissana’s past (i pretty much cried at everyone’s past. Except for Lucy and Natsu’s to be honest)

what i don’t like about FT is that there is not much character development in the whole series. A LOT of unecessarry fanservice, and somehow the repetitive plot in every arc, and some of the fights are pretty predictable at times…

The Key of the Starry Sky arc really annoys me, the Lullaby arc was pretty boring……

other than that, the other arc was enjoyable.


(i am so so sorry for my bad english)

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